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About us

assalamualaikum السلامعليکم‎

Suncity Estate Muslim Residents Association (SEMRA), started as a small gathering of few Muslim residents in Suncity Estate who normally spread their mats and observe daily prayers in a car parking lot donated by one of the brothers on Pomona Street. The small group has evolved to become a large community of Muslim residents in Suncity Estate and is subsequently transitioning to a top-notch Islamic Learning Centre in Abuja.

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Aims and Objectives

To seek the pleasure of Almighty Allah and be rewarded with Al-Jana’ah Firdaus.

To bridge the knowledge gap in the understanding of authentic Islamic teachings.
To extend humanitarian support to those in need.
To inspire the Ummah towards the culture of love for the Beloved Messenger of Allah (PBUH).
To spread the message of love, peace and harmony among all the classes of human society.

Aims and Objectives

Core values

I Integrity
S Solidarity
L Love
A Accountability
M Mastery

Mision & vision

Our Mision

To provide the platform for making better Muslims in our community and beyond

Our vision

To be a renowned Centre for Islamic excellence and broad teaching in Nigeria and beyond

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