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My dear bride daughter! If you wish to keep your husband for yourself alone, then don’t oppose his mother, or his sister. And also, do not appear to be desirous of his father’s affluence. And do not expose your beauty in the presence of his brothers and friends.

I advise you my daughter to keep your husband’s secrets and try to avoid showing him anything capable of making him angry, and also, strive to appear before him in your most charming and dazzling situations.

My daughter! If your husband mentions a problem to you or an idea, he in fact wants to hear your opinion and get your advice. So, try to provide him with the best opinion; you would surely then look great in his sight, and his love for you would increase, and he would also respect you more.

My daughter and my dearest bride! Your husband is your life partner; not your whole life, for you have in your world others you should also treat kindly before your death.

As a mother, it’s very relevant for your bride daughter to know her duties in marital life, especially things that are capable of making her husband be pleased with her; so that she can win his heart and become his lifelong partner. Due to all of these, send precious pieces of advice to the bride from her mom for you to be a source of amazing marital life for her.

O my daughter! This is an advice from your mom who loves and cares for you. Your husband is a cloth to you, and you are also a cloth to him; so, endeavor to be his most beautiful cloth to like wearing. And don’t let him see in you what may look disgusting. And don’t dress beautifully except to show him and get his impression. And celebrate his good moments and avoid laughing when he’s upset. I advise you my daughter, don’t let him perceive from you except the nicest smell.

To my bride daughter, don’t rush to get married; for it has already been written in your destiny who your husband might be long before you’re born. So, preserve your purity and chastity; for they are your capital.

Remember my daughter, that your husband is a man, therefore, he is surely liable to make a mistake, and must has some shortcomings, and may also fall in satanic temptations. But with admonition and correct counseling you can – by Allah’s help and then with your sincere efforts be the cause of rectifying his mistakes.

This piece of advice was originally in Arabic

Translated by : Muhammad Saleh (Almutamassik)

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