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Praise be to Allah who decrees for all His servants the death and termination!

Praise be to Allah who secludes Himself (alone) with everlasting life and absolute eternity!

May His endless peace and special blessings be upon the seal of all messengers and prophets; his pure family, companions and those who follow their footsteps till the day of assembly (gathering).

Nevertheless, O' you mankind! remember that; in this life, everyone of you has a limited breath. (i.e; all of us, our breath are numbered to certain period of time).

However, it is authenticated from the Hadeeth of Abdullaahi Ibnu Mas'uud_ (R.A) who said: "One day, the Messenger of Allah (SAW) sketched a square shape before us, and then drew a straight line in the middle of the square, from which it passed to outside the square shape, and then drew some other short lines across that straight line (which is in the middle of the square), and then beside all the lines, he pointed a portion and said: "this is man, and the square shape is his instant of death; by which he is surrounded, or has already surrounded him, and the straight line is his hopes and wishes, while those short lines are but his encounters (example of which are:...). If he escapes one, then the other will grab him. And if he escapes the other one, another one grabs him again". (that is the life of this world; and it continues like that until there visits him the death).

(Reported By Bukhaareey)

Servants of Allah!

 Imaam Alqurtdubeeyy_ (R.H) said: "Scholars have agreed that; the circumstance of death does not have a specific age, neither does it have a particular time nor a peculiar sickness by which it is considered, it rather takes one unaware.

As such, one is expected to get prepared" (as it does not announce for it presence).

 According to a poet, and I quote:

 "Get a provision of Taqwa for indeed, there are some situations about which you

do not know"

 "If you live to see the night, how sure will you be to witness the dawn?"

 "How many among the healthy ones who are falling without malady?" (Sickness)

 "How many among the sick ones who will live for many years?"

 "And how many among the young ones do we wish them long-life?"

 "Consequently, the shroud of a man has already been weaved for him while he does not know".

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