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Praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds.

I testify that there is no true god worthy of being worshipped except Allah the one and only, the Lord of the first generation and the last generation.

  And also the Lord of all mankind and Jinn,

Possessor of the kingdom, the One and only, the self-sufficient, the one who beget not nor was He begotten and there is none comparable unto Him. And I also testify that Muhammad (SAW) is His Servant and Messenger. May the endless peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him.

He has accomplished his mission and He has fulfill his trust and He has advised the Ummah (Nations) and He has strove for the sake of Allah, indeed, a truthful strive.

 And he has left his Ummah on a bright direction which it's night is like a bright day, non deviate from the direction except the perished.

O you Nations of Islam who protected their believes, fear Allah the Exalted.

The word Trust (Amaanah) what is the word trust, and what will make you know the word trust is?

   It means whoever is entrusted with things either of money, duties, wealth or discussions.

Allah says: "indeed, we offered the trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains, but they refused to bear it and feared it, but man accepted it, verily, he was unjust to himself and ignorant of its results. (Q33:72).

 Servants of Allah;

 Today, trust is lacking amongst people.

 People of wisdom says; verily, offences which receives quick punishment are betrayal of trust, not appreciating kindness, breaking a relationship, oppressing the people.

 Whoever does not betray trust and does it with pleasure or happiness he is among those who hold on to the truth, and they are those Allahu (SW) referred to as Assiddiqiin (the affirmers of truth).

Servants of Allah; Abud-darda reported that, the Prophet (SAW) said; whoever comes with five things with faith in Allah, he shall enter Paradise. These are: hold fast on the five daily prayers, and gives out alms (zakat) with clear intentions, and visit the House of Allah (Ka'abah) and fast the month of Ramadan and also does not betray trust.

O Allah! Make us among those who does not betray trust and also do not make us among the oppressors.

   You are over all things competent!

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