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 Praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds.

Thanks be to Allah who guides us with faith and who had sent down to us the Sunnah and the Holy Quran, and He honored us by sending the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) the most excellent of Mankind. 

May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, his families, his companions the most honored, and those who follow their teachings.

Servants of Allah; our today's Sermon Shall be on Desire.

Brothers in Islam; what is this desire? desire can be a strong wish to have or to do something.

In this context my brothers, looking at its negative perspective,  it is neglecting the truth for what is wrong and carrying out unlawful acts.  Allah says: And do not follow your own desire as it will mislead you from the way of Allah.          (Qura'n 38:26)

 According to Ibn Qayyim; a wish to follow evil desire, is the cause of corruption on the surface of the Earth. Abdullahi ibn Amru ibnul Auf said, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said; none of you is a true believer until his desire follows what I came with.

O you brothers: verily whoever avoid such desire is indeed free from the evil of this World. 

 Abdullah bin Masood said to the companions of the Prophet (SAW) that, you are in the generation which truth overcomes the desires, a generation shall come where desires shall overcome the truth.

We seek refuge in Allah from that generation.

 Servants of Allah; the wish to follow evil desires deprives one and opportunity to success, and the avoidance of such, is the key to Paradise. Allah says; "But as for he who feared the position of his Lord and prevented the soul from evil desires and lusts, verily paradise will be his abode. (Qur'an 79:40-41).

The Prophet (SAW) said, verily what I fear most for my Ummah (generation) is the wish to follow evil desires and too much pride. The wish to follow evil desires deprives one the truth, and too much pride makes one forget about the Hereafter.

This World shall come to an end, and the judgement day shall stand.

Each of them (the world and the judgement day) has dwellers.

Therefore, do as much as you can in order not to be the dwellers of the world.

 Because as it is now you are in the house of deeds without judgement, and in the next life you shall be in the house of judgement without any deed.

O you people be kind in your life so that, at the end, Allah will be kind to you and protect your descendants, verily Allah (SWT) has promised Paradise for the obedient ones and hellfire for the disobedient ones.

O Allah do not let us be the dwellers of the world and protect us and our descendants from the Hellfire.

O Allah save us and all the Muslims nation from the present and the future calamities

O Allah you are the most kind, please make us kind and followers of the Sunnah of prophet Muhammad (SAW).

 You are over all things competent.

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