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Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

Praise be to Allah who made paradise to be a lodge for His righteous servants, and made the Hell a lodge for His unrighteous Servants (who commit sins and disobey His commands).

Thanks be to Allah who is not such that anything in the Heavens or in the Earth escapes Him. He  is indeed All Hearing, All Knowing.

Thanks be to Allah who has sent down to us The Holy Qur'an and The Authentic Tradition of Prophet Muhammad

(SAW), as He made them to be Protections against Hellfire for those who abide by them.

I bear witness that there is none worthy of being worshiped except Allah (Alone), none is comparable to Him.

Also, I testify that our Prophet, the Beloved and the Most Honoured (Muhammad, SAW) is the seal of Prophets and Messengers.

May the peace, salutations and blessings of _Allah___ be upon him, his pure family, his companions and those who follow their footsteps until the day of _Qiyaamah. (i.e the day of resurrection)

Nevertheless, O! You my respected brothers; remember Allah The Most High draws our attention on a special task of which it has a high significant value.

Allah says:

 (Abdullahi Ibnu Mas'uud (R.A),_ said: Whenever you hear Allah (SWT) saying, then pay attention, because, it might be a favour unto which _Allah_ is trying to direct you, or an evil from which He is trying to caution you).

Therefore Allah says:

 "O you who have believed, shall I guide you unto a trade which will save you from a painful torment?"

 "You shall believe in Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad, SAW)"

 "And struggle hard in the path of Allah, with your wealth and your lives"

 "As such, that will be better for you if you will realize". (Q61: 10-11).

However, brothers in Islam, who enriches? Who gives and deprives? (It is Allah Alone, the One and the Supreme).

Again, Allah (SWT) says:

 "Say! (Tell them O Muhammad, SAW), my Lord enlarges provisions for whom He wishes among His servants, and restricts it for him".

 "And, anything you spend in the cause of Allah, He will replace it".

 "And, He is the best of providers (enrichers)" (Q34: 39).

However, Abdullaahi Ibnu Mas'uud, in one of his Hadeeth has narrated that; the Prophet (SAW) said (to his companions): "Who among you prefers the wealth of his inheritors more than his wealth? And they replied; O! The Messenger of Allah, none of us will prefer the wealth of his inheritors more than his wealth, then the Prophet (SAW) said: You should know that; everyone of you prefer the wealth of his inheritors. Because, you have nothing ahead except what you have spent (offered)  for the sake of Allah, likewise nothing from your wealth belongs to your inheritors except what you have left (behind) for them, after your death.

My brothers! out of the significance of spending wealth in the cause of Allah (SWT) are the following:-

(1) It prevents one from Allah's anger, and equally wipes away his sins and protects him against the hellfire.

The Prophet (SAW) said: "Indeed, secret charity prevents one from Allah's anger".

(2) One shall be shaded by the act of his charity on the day of Qiyaamah, and it also cures physical and spiritual sicknesses, and protects from different kinds of misfortunes.

The Prophet (SAW), also said that "treat your patients through charity". (that is spending wealth in the cause of Allah cures all sicknesses).

(3) An Angel is assigned to be praying everyday for he who gives charity.

The Prophet (SAW) said: "there is never a single day that passes without two angels descending in it; one of them will be saying: O Allah! provide a replacement for he that gives charity, while the other Angel will be saying: O Allah! cause destruction in the wealth of he who is stingy". (i.e He that refuses to give charity).

(4) He who spends his wealth in the cause of Allah, shall be invited on the day of Qiyaamah from through a special door in the Paradise which is called the door of charity.

(May Allah make us among them)

Servants of Allah! again Allah says:

"You are those who are invited to spend in the cause of Allah, yet among you are some who are stingy. And whoever is stingy, it is only at the expense of his own self. Allah is indeed Rich, (free from all needs)".

"While you (people) are poor. And if you turn away, He will replace you with another people, then, they will not be your likes". Again _Allah_ says: "Are you satisfied with the life of this World rather than that of the Hereafter?".

"But little is the enjoyment of this life compared to that of the Hereafter".  (Q9: 38)

 O Allah! do not make us among the stingy ones, bless us in what you've granted us, do not make this world to be our major priority and help us against our enemies.

 You are indeed over all things competent.

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