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Thanks be to Allah Lord of the worlds.

 Thanks be to Allah whom all sort of thankfulness does not increase anything in His throne.

Praise be to Allah who the submissiveness of an obedient servant does not favour Allah neither the wrongdoing of a disobedient servant harm Allah.

Praise be to Allah whom the thankfulness of one does not give any prosperity to Allah, neither the disbelief of one makes Allah a destitute. And whoever thank Allah (SW) indeed, he did it for himself, and whoever has gone astray indeed, Allah is self-sufficient and bountiful.

  And I testify that there is no god but Allah, the one with no partner.

And I also testify that Muhammad (SAW) is the servant and Messenger of Allah.

May the endless peace and blessings of Allah be upon him his families, Companions and those who follow their foot steps until the day of Qiyamah.

  O you Servants of Allah, fear Allah in order to have the blessings of Allah and purify your religion to Allah, and worship Allah your Lord, do good so that you will be gainful.

My brothers in Islam :

I advice you people and myself to fear Almighty Allah the Excellent, and fear Him, because fear of Allah is the path of salvation and safety, and is the path of victory and dignity.

 Those who fear the torment of Allah they are the Survivors.

  Allah says; then we will save those who feared Allah and leave the wrongdoers within it on their knees (Hell). (Q19:72)

About the Paradise, those who feared Allah are the inheritors.

Allah says; "that is Paradise, which we give as inheritance to those of our servants who were fearing of Allah. (Q19:63)

Servants of Allah;  the prophet (SAW) said ; verily, when Almighty Allah created Paradise, He said to the Paradise, speak, then the paradise said; " happiness and prosperity be to whom entered me".

And the Almighty, the Omnipotent, Glory be to Him said; "by my pride and my majesty and solemnity, eight groups of people do not dwell in you (Paradise).

   1- The addicts to drugs and alcoholic drinks.

   2- The unrepentant adulterer.

   3- The perpetual gossiper.

   4- The one who is not jealous of his wife and family for the sake of Allah.

   5- The Man of authority who is a tyrant and one who flogs or whips people unjustly.

   6- The womanish (a man who acts womanly).

   7- The one who cuts kinship relation. and

   8- The one who makes promise to Allah but does not fulfill it.

O you brothers;  if we indeed need this Paradise, we should therefore abstain from any of these groups mentioned by Allah. 

O Allah, do not place us among those eight groups of people who are not dwellers of paradise as you have mentioned.

O Allah, we ask for your paradise by what will bring us close to it of our deeds and good utterances, and protect us from the hellfire by what will bring us close to it of our deeds and utterances.

 O Allah, make us repentant to you and forgive us and have mercy on us indeed you accept repentance and you are the forgiven the merciful.

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