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Praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds.

Praise be to Allah who raised the Heavens without any pillars that you can see.

Thanks be to Allah who have made the Heaven a roof safe and well guided.

 Thanks be to Allah who placed the mountains firmly on Earth so that the Earth will not shake.

Glory be to Allah who made the Paradise a permanent home for his righteous servants and the Hellfire a permanent home for His unrighteous servants who commit sins and disobeys His command.

Glory be to Allah who when he intends a thing is only that He say to it be- and it is.

 Glory be to Allah who is not such that anything in the Heavens or in the Earth escapes Him, He is all hearing all knowing.

 I testify that there is no true god worthy of being worshipped except Allah alone, without partner or associate.

I further testify that Muhammad (SAW) is His servant and messenger.

May the endless peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, his pure family, companions and those who follow their foot steps till the day of accountability.

O you the generation of prophet Muhammad (SAW) you are the best of people ever raised up for Mankind.

    Allah says; O you who believe! fear Allah, and keep your duty to Him  and let every person look to what he has sent forth for the hereafter, and fear Allah, verily, Allah is all-aware of what you do. (Q59:18)

 O you servants of Allah, judge yourselves before you shall be judged, and you should observe what good have you provided for yourselves before the last day.

 O you servants of Allah, whoever has cheated on other person either of money or properties should return it before the last day, the day which money has no use.

And whoever has backbit or humiliated other person should seek for that person's forgiveness before the last day, the day which forgiveness will not be sought.

The prophet Muhammad (SAW) asked his companions that, did you know who a wretched person is ? a destitute person is ? and the companions said, it is that person who has no money and properties, the prophet replied that; the destitute person in my Ummah is that person who will come before Allah with full of good deeds (Salat, Zakat and Fasting) but is found with a lot of atrocities such as gossips, critics, embezzlement, killings and bullying people, for this cause, all his good deeds will be used to compensate those people, and will be left with nothing, yet those he has cheated will not be exhausted, hence the bad deeds of those left will be added to his bad deeds, then, he will be thrown into the Hellfire" narrated by Muslim.

May Allah protect us.

O Allah, Glory be to you the creator of the universe, you are the first and nothing is before you, the last and nothing is above you, we seek for your protection from all the evils that will lead us to Hell.

O Allah protect us from the poverty of the Hereafter and make us gain the eternal life.

 O Allah build us firmly on the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) you are over all things competent.

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