Sun City Estate Muslim Residents Association



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SEMRA has seven Board Members who make strategic decisions for the association. The current members of SEMRA Board of Trustees include:

  1. Alhaji Fola Mansur Arogundade - Chairman
  2. Mallam Umaru H. Ribadu - Vice Chairman
  3. Alhaji Tijani Abubakar - Member
  4. Alhaji A. A. Ndanusa Member
  5. Dr. Abdulrahman Sambo Member
  6. Alhaji Ibrahim Bello Member
  7. Hajja Binta Auta Member


On 1st December 2021, the Board of Trustees (BOT) inaugurated new executives who would carry out management roles of the association over the next two years, and by the 1st of January, five (5) standing EXCO sub-committees were inaugurated.

SEMRA Executive Council: SEMRA has ten (10) members that include:

  1. Mallam Buhari Dangaladima Chairman
  2. Alhaji Ahmed Abdulkadr Vice Chairman
  3. Alhaji AbdulGanniyy Oladokun General Secretary
  4. Alhaji Mohammed Dawule Assistant Secretary
  5. Alhaji Faisal Barau Financial Secretary
  6. Alhaji Bala Abubakar Auditor
  7. Engr. Abdul-Raf’i Jimmoh Facility Management Secretary
  8. Mallam Farouk Chibuzo Akaolisa Publicity Secretary
  9. Hajiya Zainab Hassan Gazali Treasurer
  10. Haiya Muyibat Abiola Olaitan Legal Adviser


EDUCATION COMMITTEE incharge of classical SEMRA Islamiyyah and religious teachings

DA’AWAH COMMITTEEin charge of Islamic propagation, welfare and humanitarian assistance

MAINTAINANCE COMMITTEE in charge of maintenance of the Masjid.

RAMADAN COMMITTEE in charge of planning and organizing Ramadan activities

MEDIA AND PUBLICITY COMMITTEE in charge of public relations, media and publicity


This is a list of SEMRA Officials from inception to the last EXCO before the current team, just for the records.

First Board of Trustees (BOT) Members as registered in Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) from the beginning to 2016.

1 Justice Umar Faruq (Walin Hausa) Chairman

2 Ibrahim Bolaji Bello

3 Dr Musa Rabiu

4 Hajiya Binta Auta

5 Abubakar, Tijjani Abba

6 Saad K AbdusSalam Secretary

First Interim Management of SEMRA (The first interim EXCO team responsible for managing and constructing the temporary mosque using tarpaulin and recruitment of the first Imam Mallam Yusuf Sallau) that served from 2009 to 2012

  1. Abubakar, Tijjani Abba Chairman
  2. Musa Rabiu
  3. Alhaji Ibrahim B Bello
  4. Saad K AbdusSalam Secretary

The first Executive Committee responsible for the current temporary structure after much improvement replacing all tarpaulin in the structure served from 2012 to 2014.

1 Alh Gadzali O Yusuf Chairman

2 Engr. Abdul Rafiu Ayoola Jimoh Snr (late) Vice Chairman

3 Alhaji. Abubakar Bala

4 AbdulGaniyu Oladokun

5 Adetunji A Sherrif

6 Zayyanu Mohd Secretary served for a year

7 Barrister Adamu Sani Isakoto Secretary (Also Legal Adviser to SEMRA)

8 Oshodi Kolawole Assistant Secretary

The second EXCO chaired by Dr Sambo Abdurrahman served from 2014 to 2016

1 Dr Sambo Abdurrahman Chairman

2 QS Abdullahi Afa Ndanusa Vice Chair

3 Abubakar Bala

4 Adetunji A Sherrif

5 AbdulAzeez Giwa Secretary (left after I year)

5 Abubakar Katagum Secretary

6 Oshodi Kolawole Assistant Secretary

At this juncture, the BOT membership reduced to 3 after the resignation of the first Chairman Justice Umar Faruq Abdullahi (rtd) who moved out of the estate and Dr Musa Rabiu who also moved to Lagos. A SEMRA Elders Committee was created temporarily in place of the BOT, the elders were selected carefully to represent the interests of the ummah. The members of the elders’ committee mostly form the current BOT members, who served from 2016 to 2019.


1 Abubakar, Tijjani Abba Ag Chairman

2 Ibrahim Bolaji Bello

3 Dr AbdurRaham Sambo

4 Oyeyemi Dolapo Moshood

5 Buhari Dangaladima

6 Alhaji Gadzalli Yusuf

7 Hashim Mohd Kolo (Rtd Airforce Officer)

8 Alhaji Fola Mansur Arogundade

9 QS Abdullahi Afa Ndanusa

10 Umar H. Ribadu

11 Hajja Binta Auta

12 Mohd Sani Hassan (Late)

13 Haruna Bala

The Third EXCO chaired by Alhaji Haruna Bala served from 2016 to 2019

1 Haruna Bala Chairman

2 AbdulGaniyu Oladokun Vice Chairman

3 Hamza Bukar

4 Adetunji Sherrif

5 Abdul Rauf Abdulrasheed

6 Abubakar Katagum Secretary

The Fourth EXCO chaired by Mohammed Saleh served from 2019 to 2021

1 Mohammed Saleh Chairman

2 Aderemi Agboola Vice Chair

3 AbdulRauf AbdulRasheed

4 Engr Yakubu AbdulRahman

5 Sherrif Adetunji

6 Barr AbdulFatah Ayodele Secretary (left after a year)

7 Nureni Jubril Secretary

Apart from these other SEMRA members served in different capacities as called upon, especially Ramadan Committee mostly chaired by Alhaji Haruna Bala and Alhaji Sammani Abubakar.

The Constitution Review Committee chaired by Barr. Adamu Sani Isakoto who also served as Legal Adviser.

The Islamiyyah Committee chaired by various members.

Kolawole Oshodi particularly has been serving as a maintenance engineer throughout the years and served all the past EXCOs in such capacity.

The SEMRA Elders Committee was particularly created in addition to acting as BOT to also review a draft constitution submitted by the Constitution Review Committee. After this activity, it was decided to reconstitute the BOT membership so as to formally submit to CAC the new constitution with the new BOT members. While in this process the first imam Mallam Yusuf Sallau decided to resign his appointment as Imam to concentrate on his law career from which he just finished Law School and qualified as a legal practitioner. He suggested that Ustas Yunus Mohd Shittu can handle the imamship, to which Elders Committee agreed and appointed Ustas Yunus M S as a temporary imam on probation for one year.

The Elders Committee transformed to be the BOT Members constituted based on the constitution. The only Elders that could not be part of the new BOT are Alhaji Gadzali Yusuf whose posting was outside of Abuja and Alh Mohd Sani Hassan on medical grounds who died later. The following list of BOT members with an elected substantive chairman.

1 Alhaji Oyeyemi Dolapo Moshood Chairman

2 Alhaji Ibrahim Bolaji Bello

3 Dr Abdurrahman Sambo

4 Mallam Buhari Dangaladima

5 Hashim Mohd Kolo (Rtd Airforce Officer)

6 Alhaji Fola Mansur Arogundade

7 Alhaji A A Ndanusa

8 Mallam Umaru H. Ribadu

9 Hajja Binta Auta

10 Alhaji Haruna Bala

11 Alhaji Tijjani Abba Abubakar

The new Imam Ustas Yunus M S also resigned due to some irreconcilable differences.

Similarly, the Chairman (Moshood Dolapo Oyeyemi) resigned from both the chairmanship and membership of the BOT; whereas two members of the BOT moved out of the estate, which are H M Kolo and Haruna Bala. The BOT membership has now been reduced to 8 which is the recommended number in the registered Constitution.